Android App: Caller Info

Have you ever wondered where the call is coming for the incoming call?  This app displays the caller's registered location.  User has control of what to display. That is user can query/view/change existing entries, insert new entries, and even delete them.  Features (v1.1.2 - Nov 22, 2011):

  • Displays caller's registered location
  • View/Query existing area code
  • Modify existing area code
  • Insert new area code
  • Delete existing area code
  • Settings (Enable/Disable, Display Formats, Display Positions, Display Duration)

  • The first time running this application after the installation, it initializes the database for all the area codes.  This takes few seconds.  Therefore, user might experience the phone runs a bit sluggish for the first few seconds.  Note that this happens only once.

    Currently, Only US/CA are supported.  Here are screenshots of Incoming call, Query/View, and Edit respectively.


    Bugs fixes in version v1.1.2 (Nov 22, 2011):
    • In some database operations such as delete, the handle was locked which causes the application not to be able to perform database operations.
    • In some cases, when the user ran for the first time, the area code populating process was interrupted and, therefore, could not finish populating a complete area code table.  This caused the "No Info" for most area codes which were supposed to be there.  Note:  Users need to uninstall the old version to delete the partial area code table before install the new version since the new version does not delete nor populate the new table if the old area code table exists.
    • Disable "Edit" and "Delete" operations if the entry is not in the database.

    Bugs fixes in version v1.1.1 (April 25, 2011):
    • In some rare conditions, data handle is locked which causes the application not to be able to perform database operations.
    • Application stop unexpectedly if area code contains space(s)

    Added in version v1.1.0 (May 12, 2010):

        "Settings" in Menu:
    • Switch to turn this feature On/Off
    • Customize formats (e.g. "CA, Carmel Area", "Carmel, CA", and etc)
    • Customize positions (Top, Center, Bottom) of the message in the incoming call so that it doesn't block other widgets for some devices
    • Configure how long the message is displayed (0 - 30 seconds)

    Known issues (will be fixed in the next release, hopefully.
    • When memory on the phone is low, android kills processes to get some memory.  This causes this app to stop working.

    Future features releases:
    • Option to not display location if the incoming call is known (exists in the phone's contact list).  <Expected release in early Dec 2011>
    • Add offset to display positions so that the message can be moved down from Top, up from Bottom, and up/down from center
    • Purge old database
    • Reload default database
    • Backup database
    • View the whole list of entries in the database and can be selectively viewed/modified/delete an entry

    Thanks for using the product, all the user feedbacks and comments.

    For questions, bug reports, comments, and enhancements, please email: